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In Between Two Tall Mountains…

Posted by on July 28, 2012

There’s a place they call AWESOME.

After a significant pledge from THE Converses (Phil and Jean), we are well on our way!  MORE THAN HALFWAY.  I want to thank everyone so far for your support.  It truly means the world to me.  In fact, it IS my world.

Just a couple of years ago I decided to pursue a master’s degree in documentary film specifically to work on this project.  After that decision, I found the perfect program at The New School, found a job in NYC, moved myself back to NYC, and started working as much as I could on the documentary.  The spread of the Gospel of Connie has become my life’s work. It has decided my life thus far.  I am honored to be in contact with her family and to have their blessing, as well as the support of her rapidly growing fan base.

It is really moving how I continue to get emails from complete strangers telling me how they have been similarly touched by her creations and her story. This documentary MUST be completed and you have all taken an amazing step to ensure that it is!

I spoke with Phil and Jean a few nights ago and they are ecstatic.  They’re about to head up north early next month on their usual August vacation – the same vacation they took while Connie was secretly packing her things and driving off.  It was great to hear their excited voices.

Anyway, sorry this was long-winded.  I just wanted to say thank you and if you still have those friends and family out there who might be interested in this tale of loneliness and creativity, please spread the Word.

Very fondly,