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Connie Covers

Connie’s music continues to influence many.  Below you’ll find an ever-growing collection of inspired musicians covering Connie’s songs. When available, I included a short statement from the artist.

Olenka Krakus

Olenka Krakus with “One By One”

Connie Converse ambled into my life courtesy of a friend’s Facebook post: not the most intimate of introductions but effective nonetheless.  Upon first-listen, I was struck by her eloquence, originality, and poignancy, though it was her melancholy that cemented my regard.  Jeffrey Moon and I recorded her song “One By One” in the washroom of his apartment one frigid winter afternoon… I think I was crouching awkwardly in the tub.  I spent half the day working out her chords and picking-pattern by ear, and we decided on a spontaneous lo-fi recording session, in homage to the delicacy and casualness of many of Connie’s own recordings.  We acted out of a sincere admiration for a rare talent who was sadly overlooked in her day.  And with the small gesture of our recording, we hope to assist in the further circulation of her tender, sad, and lovely music. – Olenka Krakus


David Garland



Nat Johnson

The ‘Nat, John & Son’ trio do an amazing version of “Roving Woman” that you need to listen to… NOW.

I discovered Connie Converse’s music a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since. I felt an immediate affinity with her and I love playing her songs. I can hear this natural curiosity and excitement in the way Connie plays and writes and it’s made me want to discover my 17-year-old self again somehow – she’s inspired me to approach my guitar in my own songwriting lately as if I’ve never seen it before and to write even more thoughtfully.

Roving Woman was the first song of Connie’s that I fell in love with and learned to play and I love the playful tongue-in-cheekness of it. I wanted to split the vocal between myself, Emma (Standard Fare) and Katherine, because I like to imagine that it was an almost anthemic song (sorry, I hate that word too) to Connie and that she was thinking about not just her own experiences when she wrote it.  - Nat Johnson


Maria Christina

Maria Christina (along with Sebastian Boehlan on guitar) does a fresh take on “How Sad, How Lovely,” “One By One,” and “Two Tall Mountains” on this SoundCloud page.