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Sorry for not posting during all of the excitment!

Posted by on November 5, 2014


I have some exciting news!

1) The film is done!
2) Its world premiere was at the Sensoria Film & Music Festival in Sheffield, England at the beginning of October.  The event – called “Roving Women” was sold out!  We screened the film and then the lovely Nat Johnson and her band played glorious Connie covers as well as some beautiful originals.  It was also my first time ever out of the USA and I have to say… it’s not out of the cards that I may one day move to Sheffield.

Here are some related links – including some coverage by the BBC, if you can believe it.

Twitter was also all a-buzz and someone even called it the “best night of the festival.”  It was so much fun (even the Q&A afterwards) and I still can’t believe it all happened.

3) We won the “Life and Legacy” award at the Orlando Urban Film Festival!

2014 OUFF Laurel Logo










4) All of the Kickstarter Rewards have been sent out.  Thank you for everyone’s support on this very long (but very worth it) journey.  I’m one process paper (and two classes) away from my MA in Media Studies at The New School.  I’ve submitted to some festivals so we’ll see what happens with those.  Once I graduate I’ll be able to focus on how to get the doc out there to everyone who wants to see it.

That’s all for now! Though I think that was quite a lot…

<3 Andrea