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The Maker

Jean, Me, Phil

Jean Converse, Me, and Phil Converse

My name is Andrea Kannes and  I was a 25 year old graduate student when I pursued a degree in Media Studies at The New School in New York, NY. Throughout my program I was actively working on the Connie Converse documentary as my thesis.

I have realized that to truly delve into this project on all levels, it’s important to fully figure out and even “admit” in certain cases my interest in Connie Converse. Obviously the songs captivated me right away. From the very first listen I found myself putting each one on repeat individually over the course of many nights. I started out on YouTube, clicking refresh from the time I got home from work until I went to bed. Then I purchased “How Sad, How Lovely” and listened to it everywhere I went. I was alarmed by how visceral my reaction was to her voice, her melodies, her communication of intense loneliness and quiet wit. Almost immediately I felt a strange connection to whatever you call that thing that is released every time a piece of music is played. It was more than just the vibrations of my eardrum. It was some kind of cosmic channeling of ideas and feelings and I felt like I knew exactly how she felt with each word hitting the air. So I needed to find out more. Who is/was this lady, and why do I feel like we are soul sisters across all the time and space between us? Through an excavation of her life I hope to find this out…and produce a film along the way.

You can follow my graduate school blog Lock That Door to see my progress through the Media Studies Program. Not everything will be Connie-related, as sometimes academia and life are wont to spark welcome asides/mental breaks from one’s main project which leave you refreshed and on fire to get back to it!

Here’s a self-portrait I made via Korsakow for your stalking pleasure.

11/5/2014 update – See latest blog post!  The movie is complete and has had its world premiere!  I’m almost done with my degree and have my eyes on some new projects while trying to get the completed doc out there to everyone who is interested.  I think you can get updates on everything usually through, if you’re interested.